Single Vision Lenses


Singe vision lenses at a basic level

Premium Coated Lenses with Blue Protect

Smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and GPS devices all emit blue light. Long exposure can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness. Our coating for digital lifestyles ensures a more relaxed vision and better ocular health.

This is a protective coated lens that reduces the blue light emitted by digital screens. It is the optimal solution for the large group of users who come into contact with digital screens throughout the day, including students, gamers, young professionals, office workers, and children. As well as protecting the eyes, the lens provides higher contrast and a more relaxed viewing experience.


Lenses For Eyestrain Relief

Eyelax is a new concept lens for individuals experiencing eyestrain, starting in the early 30’s. Eyelax has been especially designed for people who work on laptops, digital devices or read books for long hours, which can lead to eye fatigue.

Is your answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you experience eye fatigue after spending time using digital screens or computers?

  • Do you sometimes experience blurred or double vision when reading?

  • Do you think it is normal for your eyes to ache while working on the computer?

  • When reading, do you lose concentration?

The lens has two zones in the same lens: the clear zone dedicated to the far vision and the relax zone, with a slightly lower power for the near vision.

This combination helps to reduce the stress of the eyes from daily tasks such as reading and computer work.

Twin Technology

Eyelax offers clear far vision, at the same time allowing comfortable vision for near tasks such as reading.