Multi Focal Lenses

Non Personalized Progressive Lenses
  • Conventional progressive design.
  • Provide Far, Intermediate and near vision.
  • Suitable for limited frame size & style.

Free-form Lenses at a Basic Level
  • Customized progressive lens design.
  • Enhanced far and near visual field.
  • Suitable for wide range of frame size & style.

Expand Your Vision
  • Premium Free-form lens perfectly tuned to the individual need.
  • 20% wider intermediate and near viewing zones.
  • Designed for easy transition between zones and all over viewing comfort.
  • Easy adoption
  • Minimal distortion level.

See the World with Visual Freedom

Dual-side personalized progressive lens design

  • Aberration-free vision in all parts of lens offering panoramic vision.
  • Widest vision zones with minimal distortion and swim effect.
  • All purpose optimal viewing comfort at every range and for every activity.
  • High precision and personalization thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology.