How Do I Update My NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card Driver?

The benefit of having GeForce Experience installed on your PC is that it will automatically check for updates and alert you if there is a new driver available. The best ways to update drivers for graphics cards, motherboards, and anything else in your PC. Chromebook automatically downloads and updates all required drivers during a software update.

Once the Graphic Driver is installed, you will be informed and ask to restart your PC. This post will show you in detail how to uninstall, disable, roll-back or update Device Drivers. You can choose to install if you are facing an issue manually. Installing the right drivers for your GPU is necessary to keep your system running efficiently.


It is by far one of the most suitable driver update tools that you may use if you don’t want to spend a fortune on updating missing drivers. After taking a close look at pros and cons list, we can say that this is an all-in-one free driver updater software available in the current marketplace. Unlike most driver update utilities, it not only helps check for driver updates but also allows users to installs them on their PC without asking a single penny in return. This makes it one of the best software to update drivers Windows 10 alternative. Read the complete list to download free driver updater for Windows 10, 11 or older version device.

  • Click Uninstall and follow the steps to completely remove any leftover printer-related applications.
  • Printer-driver packages are digitally signed printer drivers that install all the components of the driver to the driver store on the client computers .
  • If sound could be considered quite of good quality in XP, in Vista and 7 it lost a lot of quality due to the multiple OS layers interfering with the actual sound card functionality.

And as mentioned above, there are possibilities where the end result might require you to either search for a solution online or reinstall the driver. So if you want to skip through these manual steps to install drivers in upgraded windows 10, then, simply download driver restore below. In Windows 10 and 11 you can choose whether to let Windows automatically download the driver software or do it yourself. Automatic updating is the default and the easiest method, whereby Windows will habitually check for driver updates and install them.

Method 4 of 4:Using Manufacturer Driver Files

3) Click the Update button next to the sound driver, then the hard-disk-drive drivers driver will be downloaded to your computer automatically. After download is done, install the driver easily by following the step-by-step guide from Driver Easy. Your HP EliteBook has sound issues and you may want to update the sound driver. In this post, I’ll show you how to download and update the EliteBook sound driver for Windows. Once the driver update process is complete, you should see a Windows has successfully updated your driver software window.

Choose the best free driver updater software to automatically update the outdated device drivers on your Windows PC with the latest manufacturer-recommended drivers. There are myriads of free driver updater Windows 10, 11, 8 or 7 tools available in the market but not every one of them can update the device drivers efficiently. We have shortlisted 10 of the best driver update software to simplify your selection.

The latest version depends on whether you need Nvidia Game Ready drivers, GeForce graphics drivers, or one of a host of other game drivers. Game Ready drivers come out as frequently as once a month, while many drivers don’t follow a regular schedule. Your best bet is to visit the Nvidia driver download site regularly or install Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app to ensure you aren’t missing out on anything. As Windows 7 becomes obsolete, the latest NVidia driver will cease to support older versions of the operating system. By October 4th, the driver for older versions of Windows will only support Windows 10 or higher. If you are still using Windows 7 on your computer, it’s essential to download and install the latest Nvidia driver for your system.

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